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Demistifying the Mystical

When I was first learning my way around all this magical stuff, I had a friend. I would go over to her house regularly, to sit on her porch and just talk magic. Sometimes she’d read runes for me, sometimes we’d toss practical spellwork around, and sometimes we would kick around theory and concepts. This one example of many, highlights where I have learned the best, and my goal with Four Gates is to bring that back porch feeling to you all.

Latest from the Blog

Getting the most out of your psychic reading

Probably a larger number of my new clients than most readers have never had a reading before. I get the question all the time of “I’ve never done this before, what do you need? “ It’s an important question, how to be the kind of clients that we like. How do you get the most […]

Casting Circles – How, when and why

Magical circles are something that I’ve kind of followed the trend of using them less and less. Circle casting comes from Ceremonial magic, and was absorbed into Wicca from the influence of Ceremonial magic on Gardner. They stuck around and filtered into non Wiccan forms of magic because they’re useful. Then we had the injection […]

Why you have no energy after spellwork

I’ve seen this come up a couple of times in the last week. I figure it’s time to address it. There’s a lot of misconceptions about where energy for spellwork comes from. People spend a long time focused on holding intention, and how to tune what you’re doing. They don’t talk about the energetic maintenance […]

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